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Clase Azul Gold Tequila 750ml
Clase Azul Gold Tequila 750ml $399.99
Special Edition – Born from a love story between heaven and earth, Clase Azul Gold embodies the spectacular sunsets created by the daily descent of the Mayan’s Sun God into his lover’s terrestrial arms. This enchanting decanter captures the sublime embrace between light and dark. A marriage fo Tequila Clase Azul Plata and an eight-year-old Extra Anejo that was first aged in bourbon barrels and then finished in Pedro Ximenez sherry casks.
Don Julio Ultima Reserva Extra Añejo Solera Aged Tequila (Limit 1)
Don Julio Ultima Reserva Extra Añejo Solera Aged Tequila (Limit 1) $999.99
A special 36-month aged luxury Extra Añejo Tequila that preserves the final agave harvest planted by Don Julio Gonzalez himself, Don Julio Ultima Reserva Extra Añejo Solero Aged Tequila honors his devotion and craftsmanship, offering an exceptional tequila that's perfect for your special moments. Carefully produced using a Solera aging system which combines and matures tequilas of different characteristics finished in unique casks, Don Julio's final agave harvest remains at the heart of this rare Extra Añejo Tequila. Rested in oak previously used to age bourbon and finished in Madeira wine-seasoned casks, this exquisite tequila begins with a nose of toasted oak and caramel, followed by hints of apricot and orange and a finish with deliciously smooth honeyed agave. Perfect for those special moments with close family and friends, it is best enjoyed neat or on the rocks.
RARE HARE 1953 700ml
RARE HARE 1953 700ml $500.00
Our tribute to the year Playboy was founded, “1953” is Rare Hare’s inaugural product release. Bottled at 111 proof in a luxury package, this 17-Year Aged Straight Bourbon whiskey was finished in XXO Cognac casks from the Champagne region of France. Because of the whiskey’s rarity, only 1,953 bottles were produced for the US market. Rare Hare’s “1953” release embodies craftsmanship, sophistication, and a passion of Playboy Spirits.  ABV: 55.5% Bottle Size: 700ml
Smoke Wagon Uncut The Younger Straight Bourbon
Smoke Wagon Uncut The Younger Straight Bourbon $59.99
Nevada H&C Distilling Co's Aaron Chepenik has been slowly revealing more and more about their forthcoming Smoke Wagon Uncut The Younger, slated to start hitting shelves in the next few weeks. It is positioned more as a cask strength version of the 4-5 year old Smoke Wagon Straight Bourbon on the value side of the company's lineup rather than simply a younger version of Smoke Wagon Uncut Unfiltered. Like Straight Bourbon, it will be blended for a consistent flavor profile, and as such, won't carry batch numbers like Uncut Unfiltered.
Kings County Distillery 3-Bottle Aged Gift Set - 3x200ml
Kings County Distillery 3-Bottle Aged Gift Set - 3x200ml $89.99
As genuinely handmade whiskeys, our bottles work great as gifts, but often buyers don't know the taste preferences of the person they are gifting. We created these handsome, understated gift sets that present a selection of our whiskeys in an elegant, giftable set that shows the best of what our distillery can do. It's a tasting in a box with more of an experience than a single bottle. Our Aged 3-Bottle Gift Set includes : Straight Bourbon, Peated Bourbon, & Irish-Style Whiskey.
Barrell Craft Spirits 24 Yr Gray Label Whiskey
Barrell Craft Spirits 24 Yr Gray Label Whiskey $279.99
The barrels harvested for this limited release were selected for their refined properties and extraordinary flavor profile. This complex 24-year-old whiskey was bottled at peak maturity so you can experience its true flavor.BCS Gray Label Whiskey began with two selections of 24-year Canadian whiskey barrels: one set was fruit-forward and tropical, and one was woody, with a light floral aroma. A portion of the fruit-forward blend was transferred into Oloroso Sherry barrels and a portion of the floral and earthy blend was transferred into Armagnac casks. The remaining whiskey from the two groups was then combined to mingle. When the timing and flavor from the finishing casks peaked, the three components were carefully blended together.Matured for 24 yearsDistilled and aged in CanadaCrafted and bottled in Kentucky121.64 proof cask strength bottling
Codigo 1530 Playboy Rare Hare Añejo Tequila Codigo 1530 Playboy Rare Hare Añejo Tequila
Codigo 1530 Playboy Rare Hare Añejo Tequila $899.99
Código 1530 Tequila & Playboy Spirits are pleased to present this Limited Edition, Double Barrel Añejo Tequila. A refined and incredibly smooth tequila aged in Napa Valley Cabernet barrels and finished in fine French oak Spanish Sherry-Fino casks. Código 1530 Añejo has been lauded by Tequila experts as the finest Añejo tequila available. For generations, Código 1530 has perfected the craft of making fine sipping tequilas, using “Los Códigos,” the Jalisco codes and customs of production since 1530. Rare Hare embodies the essence of the Playboy brand as curators of pleasure, self-expression and good living. This special release brings together the craftsmanship, creativity, sophistication & passion of Playboy Spirits & Código 1530 in a unique collaboration. Production & Tasting Notes This special edition was meticulously aged to taste, for over 2 years. On the nose, you’ll find aromas of spicy pepper, dried fruits, and clover honey. On the palate, filled with notes of ripe cherries, fresh fig, subtle pepper, and vanilla beans. The finish is long, mellow, and easy to drink with hints of vanilla and caramel. Refined, elegant and expressive flavor profile.
Catoctin Creek Roundstone Rye  80 PF 750ml
Catoctin Creek Roundstone Rye 80 PF 750ml $42.99
our most popular whisky!  Roundstone Rye® is a very unique rye whisky, made completely from scratch at our distillery in Purcellville, Virginia.  This pre-Prohibition style rye whisky is made from 100% rye grain, sourced locally when available.  It is mashed, fermented, distilled and aged completely in our distillery, before bottling it at a very sippable 80 proof.  Aged it in new Minnesota white oak casks for a period of just under two years, the whisky is smooth, woody, with that true grain character achieved in a relatively young whisky. Roundstone Rye has a delicious woody taste, with notes of caramel, rich butter toffee, and just a hint of lemon in the nose. Roundstone Rye is a superb sipping whisky, a great whisky in Manhattans, or your favorite rye whisky cocktails
1800 Tequila Milenio Extra Anejo
1800 Tequila Milenio Extra Anejo $224.99
After a long and delicate aging process in new American oak barrels, the very best tequila of the batch is separated by our expert tequileros and further matured in French Oak ex-cognac barrels creating a balanced, soft, and unique flavor with notes of vanilla, red fruit and cinnamon. A perfect expression of the land that nurtures the fine Weber blue agave and the hands that craft its final liquid, Milenio is considered the best representation of 1800® Tequila’s roots and worthy of only those who appreciate the finest tequila.
-19% sale
W.L. Weller C.Y.P.B. Bourbon
W.L. Weller C.Y.P.B. Bourbon $899.99 $1,099.99
Buffalo Trace Distillery Invited Whiskey Drinkers To Craft Your Perfect Bourbon (C.Y.P.B) By Choosing Their Ideal Bourbon Recipe, Proof, Warehouse Location And Age. Thousands Chose Cheated Bourbon. This Limited Edition Whiskey Is The Result Of The Overwhelming Consensus - A Wheated Recipe Bourbon, Aged On The Highest Warehouse Floors For Eight Years And Bottled At 95-Proof. Drinking distilled spirits, beer, coolers, wine and other alcoholic beverages may increase cancer risk, and, during pregnancy, can cause birth defects. For more information go to https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov/alcohol

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Everyone has a unique taste and preference, and there is a time and place for every kind of drink. Champagne reigns supreme for special celebrations, while vodka is a solid option for a great night of partying. Regardless of what you are planning, we’ve got you covered. We sell all kinds of drinks to satisfy your needs.

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Celebrity Owned Spirits

818 Tequila Reserve 818 Tequila Reserve
818 Tequila Reserve $199.99
A New 818 Tequila Reserve is coming soon. The bottle and its unique look will be launching in late septmember. now shipping
Heavens Door 10 Year Decades Release
Heavens Door 10 Year Decades Release $129.99
Introducing the limited edition Heaven’s Door Decade Series. This 10-year bourbon is the first release in a trailblazing new collection of premium whiskeys, curated out of a true labor of dedication and patience over time. Every drop of this bourbon tells a story about the importance of time, age, and maturation. Heaven’s Door invites you to be part of that story.  Heaven's Door is an award-winning collection of handcrafted American whiskeys co-created with iconic musician and artist, Bob Dylan. The perfect blend of art and craft, each bottle of Heaven's Door showcases Dylan's distinctive welded iron gates that he created in his studio, Black Buffalo Ironworks.  Serve in a tumbler at or near room temperature on the rocks, neat, or with a splash of distilled water.
Teremana Blanco & Reposado Tequila Bundle Set
Teremana Blanco & Reposado Tequila Bundle Set $59.99
Teremana Blanco & Reposado Tequila Bundle Set (Limited Offer). Crafted in a small Mexican town, amidst the highest peaks of the Jalisco Highland mountains, every step of our tequila making process is meticulously done the right way at Distileria Teremana de Agave. 
818 Tequila Bundle BY KENDALL JENNER (Blanco, Reposado, Anejo)
818 Tequila Bundle BY KENDALL JENNER (Blanco, Reposado, Anejo) $159.99
Looking to buy Kendall Jenner's award winning tequila? Look no further 3 Brothers Liquor got you covered. 818 Tequila by Kendall Jenner is made using 100% agave azule handcrafted in small batches in Jalisco, Mexico. For almost 4 years Kendall Jenner has been on a journey to create the world's best tasting tequila.
Codigo Barrel Strength Anejo
Codigo Barrel Strength Anejo $149.99
Production NotesAged for more than 2 years in the world’s finest French White Oak Cabernet barrels, it’s one of the smoothest Barrel Strength Tequilas in the market, with an 86.2 Proof (43.1% Alc./Vol/) Note: Our 2nd release of Barrel Strength is 88 Proof (44% Alc./Vol.) palate with no throaty burn. Tasting NotesSubtle caramelized vanilla and dark chocolate notes, swirling with toasted oak aroma. Soft on the palate with no throaty burn. Details• 100% Agave• No additives, sweeteners, flavoring, coloring or chemicals• Award-winning Napa Cabernet Barrels• Family-owned & operated distillery• 61 Calories/oz
CIroc Tropical Passion  Vodka CIroc Tropical Passion  Vodka
CIroc Tropical Passion Vodka $29.99
Ciroc Ultra premium Vodka has released a new flavor for summer 2022.  Ciroc summer eddition 2022 is the Ciroc Passion Fruit. This item is estimated to start shipping in June 1st 2022

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WARNING: Drinking distilled spirits, beer, coolers, wine and other alcoholic beverages may increase cancer risk, and, during pregnancy, can cause birth defects.  For more information go towww.P65Warnings.ca.gov/alcohol.


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