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A delicious taste of cooked agave with wood notes. A delicate and natural taste. A highly complex taste as a result of aging in American Bourbon Whiskey barrels which have been burnt at medium range internally. The result is an ultra-smooth tequila with a variety of fruit, nuts, and sweet notes. Production Method: - Deep-rooted agaves / minimum 7-10 years - Aged 18-24 months - Blended: Age and Barrel Type - Bourbon Barrels - Single Estate - Brick Ovens - Roller Crushed - Copper Pots - Open Air Fermentation - Deep Well Water/Natural Spring - 100% Agave Sugars - Classical Music in-Barrel Fermentation (Beethoven Symphony 9) - Double Distilled - Non-additive flavoring A family story of ancestral veneration and homage to the indigenous soul and spirit of Jalisco. A direct correlation between reinvention, transformation, hope, wisdom, growth, and expansion. Rooted in traditional and artisanal elements of the earth and soil of Jalisco, with an ancestral tribute to people across the world who inspire our journey. Life. Bravery. Independence. Wisdom. This is SKORPIOS 1618.
AgedAncestral tributeArtisanalExtra anejoTequila

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