Maniball Tequila Maniball Peanut Butter Tequila $25.99
Introducing Maniball: The world's first Peanut Butter Tequila. With a meticulous blend of five natural, non-GMO ingredients, it pairs the spirited kick of Octavio Reposado Tequila with the velvety depth of peanut butter, crafting an unexpected yet harmonious taste profile. A Call to Freedom: Unleash the Wild Within  We are not just a one-off experience. We are a call to freedom. We are a place in people’s minds where everyone can unleash their wild side with a passport to a world of possibilities. A spirit that breaks all the rules, uniting the famously bold and spirited essence of tequila from Mexico with the much-loved richness of peanut butter. Maníball is the bold embodiment of the party animal within us all. Here is where the epic starts. The Flavor Evolution: More than just a beverage, Maniball signifies a bold step in flavor evolution. By uniting the rich tradition of Mexican tequila with the cherished taste of peanut butter, we've created a drink that challenges and delights in equal measure.

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