Akashi Japanese Whisky Highball 4pk


Akashi Japanese Whisky Highball 4pk

Product description

Long appreciated for its simplicity and elegance in proportion, the Japanese highball perfectly exemplifies how, with attention to detail, a beautifully distilled whisky can be transformed into a refreshing, revelatory long drink. Akashi combines ceremony with convenience in this thoughtfully executed 12-ounce RTD, blended with the ingredients’ ideal proportions in mind—in this case, 1 part whisky to 5 parts club soda. Enjoy ice-cold, either in the can or poured into a tall glass over a large piece of ice.

  • Ready-to-drink, canned Akashi whisky highball from Eigashima Shuzo in Akashi, Japan

  • Unpeated Akashi blended Japanese whisky combined with a small amount (approximately 10%) of American whiskey and carbonated water for a classic Japanese Highball

  • The Akashi whisky is a blend of non-age-statement malt and grain whiskies distilled from wheat, unpeated barley, and rye; the small percentage of American whiskey is distilled from a mash bill of 95% wheat and 5% barley

  • Carbonated and packaged in Camarillo, California

  • Pleasantly effervescent on the tongue, offering gentle waves of honeyed grain with a touch of lingering tannin. This is an effortless highball—before you know it, you’ll be down to the final sip.

  • 8% ABV

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