Courvoisier XO Royal Cognac


Courvoisier XO Royal Cognac

Product description

Introducing Courvoisier XO Royal, a blend inspired by our historic cognacs that graced the royal courts of Europe. In the early 1900’s, Britain’s King Edward VII even commissioned his own blend, Edward VII Reserve, of which a few bottles can still be found in the Paradis Cellar in Jarnac – the starting point for our Master Blender, Patrice Pinet, to revive the perfect marriage of Fins Bois de Jarnac and Grande Champagne that is XO Royal.


Beginning: This deep amber elixir entices with a fine decadent truffle aroma followed with a bouquet of opulent summer blossoms

Middle: A rich, full bodied cognac accentuated with toasted hazelnuts, subtle honey and cinnamon notes 

End: A long, powerful finish with notes of honey and cinnamon

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