Distilleria Romano Levi Barbaresco Grappa


Distilleria Romano Levi Barbaresco Grappa

Product description

On the hills of the Langhe which have proved to be one of the finest terroirs for the vine, the pomace of Nebbiolo grapes grown to make DOCG Barbaresco wine produces a Grappa of extraordinary, exhilarating balance resulting from curing underground and lengthy ageing in wood.

Grape-varieties: Exclusively Nebbiolo from Barbaresco region

Color: Light Amber

Perfume: herbs and light wood at the beginning, vanilla at the end

Taste: Dry, well balanced with long lasting of liquorice and light vanilla

Marc origin: grapes grown on DOCG vineyards in Neive, Barbaresco, Trezzo, Treiso, Alba are locally processed and blended followings an old Serafino Levi’s receipe

Aging: minimum three years in classic Piedmontese casks holding around 700 litres made of acacia wood

Certification of aging in wood: our Master Distiller and Controller certify that prior to bottling this Reserve Grappa has been aged in wood for the above length of time.

42° alc.by vol.

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