Dogfish Head Sonic Archeology Cocktail


Dogfish Head Sonic Archeology Cocktail

Product description

The 1920s saw the combination and convergence of several genres of American music to be the foundation for Rock & Roll. At the same time prohibition sparked a boom of cocktailing in bustlingspeakeasys throughout the country. Sonic Archeology is our liquid tribute to the blending of sounds & spirits, a ready to drink bottled cocktail inspired by the roaring '20s & reimagined for today.

Sonic Archeology is a melding of Dogfish Head whiskey, rum and apple brandy, with honey and real lemon & pomegranate juices to create a totally original drinking experience.

Now you don't need to sacrifice flavor complexity for convenience when you are wanting a cocktail but dont have all the fixins'. Sonic Archeology combines a trifecta of spirits & real fruit juices to create flavors of balanced sweetness & tropical fruits, lemon and a pleasant oak character. Just pour over ice & enjoy as the perfect evening cocktail.  

DOGFISH HEAD Sonic Archeology. Blend of Whiskey, Rum and Apple Brandy flavored with Honey, Lemon and Pomegranate Juice. 25% Alc/Vol

Tasting Notes:

Brick red color with aromas of candied fruits, citrus and rose petal with woody undertones. Balanced sweet/tart flavor of tropical fruit, lemon and a pleasant oaky astringency.

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