Laya Organic Silver Tequila


Laya Organic Silver Tequila

Product description

The interesting history of tequila, a agave spirit drink, dates from the history related to the Aztec civilization, who fermented the agave, to the 16th century memories related to the Spanish and their agave distillation processes in Mexico.

For a long period of time, the love for this exquisite drink has taken over the world, in the last century, the industrialization of tequila has changed the face of agave spirits in the global market with an unprecedented increase in current demand.

With our love for this blue agave spirit drink and the essence of Mexican culture, we decided to evoke the best form of tequila for the world, with the face of Laya, taking advantage of the purest elements of the “Agave Azul” plant.


Flavor: Cooked agave, wild (herbal), citrus, slightly spicy (black pepper)

Aroma: Wild (herbal), light cooked agave, banana, fruity and vanilla (Balanced)

Visual: Brilliant crystalline silver flashes on surface (silver)

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