M&H Art & Craft DoppelBock Single Malt Whisky


M&H Art & Craft DoppelBock Single Malt Whisky

Product description

The M&H Art & Craft series provides a rare opportunity to discover some of the distillery’s most intriguing, treasured casks.

Every year, a collection of unique casks of exceptional quality is hand-selected by our Head Distiller, Tomer Goren, to be bottled as a highly limited edition as part of the M&H Art & Craft series.Each bottle carries a special label designed to capture the very essence of the Israeli art scene.


Aroma – Light to medium – Opens up with citrus, wildflowers, and golden-delicious apple and evaporates to toffee, tobacco, and dark chocolate.

Palate – Present to full – Vigorous orange ether and marzipan, green apple, and orange peel in dark chocolate.

Finish – Medium – Distinct ripe banana accompanied with spearmint. Dark red apple, cocoa beans, and biscuit gently takes over.

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