Monkey 47 Gin 2021 Distiller's Cut 375mL


Monkey 47 Gin 2021 Distiller's Cut 375mL

Product description

Every year, Monkey 47’s often-showcased botanical curiosity reaches its distillation crescendo during its quest to find the “Species Rara," that one extra-special ingredient for its Monkey 47 Distiller's Cut, limited release batch. Monarda didyma is the "species rara" that defines this year's edition of Distiller's Cut. Sometimes referred to as "beer balm," the aromatic herb lends a dazzling floral citrus character. Perfumed, zesty, and finishing with a crack of spice, the herb adds an enjoyable top layer to what is already a fantastically complex spirit. Proving that gin can be a sipping spirit, Distiller's Cut is a species rara in its own right.


Nose: Aroma of wood spices, vegetables, citrus and pine.
Palate: Incredibly complex bouquet of flavors, including earthy spices, fruit, herbs and tart citrus.
Finish: Rich and bursting, with a hint of lemon balm.

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