Nectar Hard Seltzer Variety 12pk


Nectar Hard Seltzer Variety 12pk

Product description

Pack of Twelve 12oz Cans

Perfectly balanced Asian-inspired flavors: Lychee, Asian Pear, Yuzu, Mandarin. No weird aftertaste. Zero sugar headaches. Only 90 calories and just 1 carb.

Variety 12-Pack comes with all four flavors.

Lychee: Sweet aromatic fruity flavor with floral notes. Like a grape grown by elves.

    Asian Pear: Crisp as an apple, but candied like a pear. The juiciest bite you’ve ever taken.

      Yuzu: A citrusy and tart flavor. Imagine a lemon and a grapefruit on a tandem bike.

        Mandarin: A tiny orange with a sweeter personality and a scent accompanied by a choir.

          Gluten-Free, Vegan, Keto-Friendly

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