The SG Shochu IMO


The SG Shochu IMO

Product description

The essence of sweet potato shochu lies in the freshness of the base ingredient.

The SG Shochu IMO uses locally grown sweet potatoes which are transported to the distillery immediately upon harvest. Unlike dried grains, every hour post-harvest impacts the freshness and vibrancy of flavor in the final product. IMO takes pride in the tight-knit community of local farmers that make such production possible.

Now that's a great recipe for temptation. IMO consists of a blend between two distinctive sweet potatoes, Koganesengan and Eimurasaki. Koganesengan is the most trusted variety used in sweet potato shochu, offering a robust structural framework to the spirit, while the Eimurasaki - a rare, purple sweet potato - is responsible for IMO's unmistakably seductive aromatic profile. Such sensuous interplay between two sweet potato varieties is integral to The SG Shochu IMO.

Tasting Notes

Nose: White flower, orange peel, nectar, maple
Palate: Full bodied
Finish: Long, gentle finish

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